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This Week’s Featured Pet – Templeton

Nov 7, 2022

At just 6 months old, adorable Templeton has endured more trauma than any kitten should ever suffer. According to Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services from where we rescued Templeton when she was 3 months old, this innocent little girl had suffered a hard kick or blow with an object to her face. The number of fractures in her skull shocked veterinarians. The x-rays were so horrific, we wondered how this poor girl survived such a brutal attack. The pain she endured had to be excruciating.

Templeton underwent 6 hours of delicate reconstructive surgery as veterinarians pieced together her dislocated and shattered jaw. The surgery cost us $4,200. But we’re not done. Templeton will need two more surgeries estimated to cost $3,000 each. These surgeries are to insert and later remove wires in her jaw to aid in continued healing, remove damaged teeth, and flatten what remaining teeth she will have left in order to prevent gum sores.

Please help us continue our lifesaving efforts to provide this little trooper with the surgeries and dental work she needs by donating to our Angels Healing Angels Special Medical Fund. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We use all donations to the fund exclusively for special medical cases. To donate, please click here. For more information, contact us at (951) 708-1280 or

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