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This Week’s Featured Pet – Pollyanna

Nov 29, 2022

Pollyanna was a 5-week-old kitten when she was brought to us at the city of Banning Animal Shelter by an animal control officer. She was found lying on the side of the road. The back half of her tiny body was paralyzed and she had open wounds on her back end that were covered with maggots.


X-rays showed that her spinal cord was severed. And because she’s paralyzed, she’s incontinent and needs to wear a diaper.


We don’t know how Pollyanna was injured, but we wonder if she may have been stepped on or kicked because she’s terrified of people’s feet.


In spite of all she’s been through, this little girl is just a love. She’s 2-months old now and her wounds are healing.  She has gained some movement in her back end by using muscles in her stomach area to move her hips.  However, she will never be able to walk with her hind legs. She needs a wheelchair.

Please help us obtain a wheelchair to give little Pollyanna the freedom to be mobile and have the best life possible by donating to our Angels Healing Angels Special Medical Fund. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We use all donations to the fund exclusively for special medical cases. To donate, please click here. For more information, contact us at (951) 708-1280 or

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