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This Week’s Featured Pet – George

Dec 11, 2022

Our boy George is another cat who needs a leg amputation. He has a fracture of his left rear femur that’s so severe it cannot be repaired.

We rescued George from euthanasia at Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services. We don’t know his history or how his leg was fractured. Actually, we only know that he was born on October 12, 2018, making him 4 years old, and that he’s a sweet boy who wants to be all the cat he can be.


Please help us give George a much-deserved new lease on life by donating to our Angels Healing Angels Special Medical Fund. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We use all donations to the fund exclusively for special medical cases. To donate, please click here. For more information, contact us at (951) 708-1280 or

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