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Angels Healing Angels

ARE Animal Rescue created Angels Healing Angels Special Medical Fund so that people like you who want your donation to benefit a particular animal or animals within our rescue may do so knowing you’ll be helping one of our special-case pets receive the high-cost medical care they need in order to have a better quality of life. 


We continually rescue homeless animals who have suffered a serious injury, have an acute illness, or were born with a defect – animals that would be euthanized in many shelters or would be left to suffer and die on the streets.  These animals need expensive treatments or surgeries and/or mobility apparatus, the costs of which strain, and often exceed our general medical-care budget.


All money donated to Angels Healing Angels Special Medical Fund is used strictly for the animals most in need of the most expensive medical care.  We do not use this fund for operational expenses, day-to-day medical care, or any other purpose.


Here we tell the stories of the many animal angels in the care of ARE Animal Rescue that need extra help from human angels.  These sweet pets are waiting patiently for medical care that will change their lives, increase their chances of being adopted, and give them the opportunity to live their best lives in loving forever homes.

Check out to learn more about the rescue itself.

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